Complete Gut Renovations

A gut renovation provides the opportunity to work on a huge creative project, with all the thrills and spills that entails. Big renovation projects can be transformative, not just of the physical environment, but of your spirit and well being. It’s not only that your home will be more beautiful and better organized afterwards (of course it will!) it’s that the process itself will bring up a range of experiences you might not otherwise encounter. If you’re going all-in, be sure to enjoy the ride, as well as the destination!

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West Village Nest  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

The Monk’s Treehouse  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

The Book Lover  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

Brick and Slate  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

Art Deco Penthouse  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

Charcoal and Driftwood  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

Pre-war Dream Video Tour

Night and Day  Before and After Video

Daring Downsize  Photo Gallery and Before and After Video

Midcentury Makeover   Photo Gallery and Before and After Video