Why we love it: White-washing is a classic technique for making a small space appear bigger, and it works great here. Even the oven and fridge are given the white treatment, creating a bright, seamless feel. – Best of the Week: 30 Superb Small Kitchens From Around the Globe

“Whether she’s using high-end custom built or IKEA, Donohue knows how to get the perfect end result. With a personal style that is described as sophisticated and elegant and a keen eye for color, fans say they come back project after project for her practical, down-to-earth approach. In addition to her creative talent, sources tell us Donohue’s business side is professional and organized.” – The Franklin Report

“Who knew 550 square feet could go so far?”– Elle Decor

“In a narrow kitchen, have as few upper cabinets as possible. Get rid of stuff. Live only with what you love and use daily. Think of it as a different kind of abundance.” – House Beautiful

“This quote from Clare Donohue in July’s House Beautiful really inspired us. It’s easy to get caught up with wanting more than you need (and buying things you’ll never use), so even though we’re always posting about steals & deals, it’s nice to sit back and remember that the most peaceful places and spaces always demonstrate that less really is more.”– Young House Love

“To keep costs down, Ms. Donohue recommended retaining the location of the existing toilet, sink and bathtub, since rearranging the plumbing requires a more extensive renovation.” – The New York Times

“While it’s clear that Donohue’s designs are stunning and innovative, there’s another reason why this designer is able to bridge design gaps that others in her field only dream of. All of Donohue’s visions merge practicality with perfect form in order to create spaces that are entirely livable.” – Designers to Watch

“I had the steel bed and rug already, and when I moved into a very art deco building I was thinking I’d do gray walls but wanted a little something extra.” – 14 Designers Show Their Stripes

“Clare’s designs are clean and simple. She likes both modern and traditional interiors, but in either style her work is warm, friendly, and welcoming. ‘I believe in designing for the way people actually live, not some fantasy, although I will always encourage clients to clean out what is unnecessary in their lives.’ ”
– Urban Seashell

“If you’re on the lookout for a dressing table and crave sleek lines, the deco design of the table shown here, with its wood finish and simple design, speaks to those of us with a modern taste.” – 8 Modern Dressing Tables for Unflouncy Women

” ‘There’s nothing you can do with my kitchen’ is what Clare Donohue often hears when people call her to do something with their kitchen. They’ve called the right person.” – Manhattan User’s Guide