Paint Color Palettes

Click here or scroll down to see how paint color can affect the mood of a space. If you don’t require complete design services for a full-scale renovation, freshening up rooms with a simple paint job can be a great lift.

Some amount of color advice can be included in the initial consultation.if we meet during daylight hours, but for full apartments, it usually requires a set of visits. The complete coloring process typically follows this course:

• After an initial visit to view furnishings and lighting conditions, I’ll choose a range of test colors for the walls and order large swatches.
• On the second visit, we’ll edit down the swatches to a couple of favorites.
• The client then lives with the swatches for a few days to assess favorites at different times of day.
• If a mixed color is needed, test pints are purchased and samples brushed on.
• Once wall colors are chosen, coordinating trim and ceiling colors are decided.
• Written instructions are supplied for your painter.
• A site visit is scheduled to assess the first coat and adjust colors if needed.
• A final site visit is scheduled to check the painter’s progress.

Paint color advice is provided by the hour. Depending on the number of rooms, the service may range from 4 – 12 hours. Painting services are not included and if you need one, a painter will be referred.

One important note before we meet: It is advisable to replace any CFL or fluorescent bulbs with halogen, LED or incandescent bulbs, and to make sure that all bulbs are of a single type. (Nothing ruins a beautiful paint color like a fluorescent bulb, and colors look radically different under different types of light.)

If you are considering changing or adding any light fixtures that needs to be done before we choose colors. I am happy to recommend light fixtures or design a new lighting plan for you. We prefer to choose paint colors in daylight, but if your home receives little natural light, we’ll make that work.

If a room is currently painted with a strong or dark color, it may be necessary to prime the rooms back to white before we choose colors, as the cast may throw things off.