The Initial Consultation

pam-entry-1-copyAll projects, big or small, begin with an initial consultation. The consultation takes place in your home, or in the home you’re moving to. We’ll review the space and discuss your wish list, preferred style, and practical needs. l can suggest structural or cosmetic changes that might be advisable, materials and resources to consider, and answer any questions you may have about the renovation process. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ll define a strategy and discuss logistics. Notes and sketches made during our meeting are presented at the end of the consultation. By the time we finish, you’ll have valuable tips and a game plan for moving forward.

The consultation is also offered as a stand-alone service. While most clients move on to a renovation that involves our complete design services, some clients only need the kick start of the consultation before launching into a project on their own.

Client reviews:
“You rock! Tip after amazing tip!” “The 2 hours with you was the best money I’ve spent.” “Practical and straightforward information.” “Thanks for the fantastic pointers!” “You cleared the air about the whole subject of renovation.” “I loved your ideas for my place!” “It was pretty amazing to see the possibilities in just an hour!”


For most projects, a one-hour consultation is enough to get started. Within this time frame, we can cover a brief overview of a whole apartment, or focus on one area in detail.

This time frame is best for clients who anticipate a more complicated renovation, or will be moving. When appropriate, we’ll visit both your current and future homes.



I endeavor to offer advice that is as complete as possible in the time allotted, but you may have questions later. Two follow-up calls or emails are included in all consultations. If you require drawings or further services, we can contract for those services separately. Participating in the consultation does not commit either party to a larger project, and the cost of the consultation is not deductible from future work.


Complete design services are offered, as well as decorating  services.


The first 20-minute phone call is complimentary, or email me to make an appointment.