Readymade Decorating™

Sometimes you don’t need a big renovation, just to freshen up or add some finishing touches. To make your home look and feel more pulled-together, suggestions are made for readily-available furniture, window treatments, rugs, accessories and lighting. We’ll do the install and even hang the artwork! Please click here to understand the typical costs for Readymade Decorating™ or a custom decorating project.

See our latest work on Instagram or view the case studies below:

Jim, a newly single dad, needed to furnish a four-bedroom rental from scratch – before school started.

Christine wanted to update her tired furniture and color scheme.

Alex needed a decorating plan that considered his mobility issues while aging-in-place.

Book lovers needed to correct a previous renovation that left awkward sight lines.

Sue and Jerry reclaimed their pied-a-terre from renters.

Children’s rooms are usually a Readymade Decorating™ project.

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